Friday, July 31, 2009

Progress Report

Duckie has spent the last couple of weeks gaining strength and energy since she was diagnosed with anemia at the end of July. We have started going to the dog park again and took a long walk last night. She scratched her hip running through and around the backyard but it is healing pretty well. As we've said before, not much slows this girl down!

Have we mentioned that she is very birdy (and rabbit-y and squirrel-y)? She is constantly looking for birds and other creatures in the yard and tries her hardest to run and catch them. Its too cute when her ears perk up and she looks around when she thinks there might be a new "friend" in the yard.

She will probably have another vet appointment next week to gauge how her system is dealing with the anemia and if she'll be ready to get spayed and have her tumors removed. Please visit again soon for an update.