Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Update From My Foster Home

Great news!!
After months of waiting, we have finally scheduled Duckie's spay for Friday, January 8th. This is really fantastic news - she is healthy enough to undergo surgery and get on the road to recovery. After her spay, Duckie will still have at least one surgery before she is ready to be adopted.

In her foster home, they refer to 2010 as the Year of the Duck. Please keep Duckie in your thoughts as she goes through the last - and difficult - steps to finally recovering from all of her health issues. Consider a donation to help us get her through the next couple of months; any amount will help IBR take care of her vet bills.

We'll keep you updated! Happy new year... we are sure it will be for Duckie :)

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Update From My Foster Home

Things that Duckie is grateful for this holiday season:

- A warm bed

- A thick coat of fur (its very shiny and beautiful)

- Rawhide bones

- Food (especially a full bowl!)

- Her doggie friends who are showing her that other dogs aren’t all bad

- Walks around the neighborhood

- Hugs and pets

- All of the wonderful IBR people who are helping get her healthy and strong.

We had a fun Thanksgiving and even walked in a parade. Everyone loved Duckie (of course). Now, on to Christmas and Hannukah!