Wednesday, May 27, 2009

New Update From Foster Family

Duckie is recovering from her heartworm treatment with flying colors. We went for our second walk post-treatment today and she was so excited to be out and meeting new people. She always manages to charm someone new (and old friends all over again) within minutes of meeting them. I think she might have super powers. The spots on her eyes do look like a mask, don't they? And she has amazing healing powers... She would have made a great sidekick for Wonder Woman.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Update From Vet Visit

Duckie went in for tests. The results showed; Ehrlichia POSITIVE 1:25, Lyme POSITIVE 1:200, RMSF POSITIVE 1:200. I had a feeling she had to have something as she was ornery when she came in and had a suspicious past. This poor dog had a leg amputated, HW disease and has Mammary cancer. Hopefully once her body handles the dead worms, she will then fight off the tick borne illnesses and be ready for mammary surgery in a few months. We hope the cancer doesn't spread throughout her body in the mean time. What an amazing stoic dog. She needs your prayers and donations for her upcoming surgery. Please consider a donation for her.