Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Good News Updates


Here are thoughts from one of the other foster parents who hosted Duckie for a slumber party before her heartworm treatment…

“Duckie is a hoot! She followed me around everywhere and slept right next to me on the floor on her blanket when I was on the couch at night. Duckie is a survivor - she's tough and charming. When I came home from getting the red bag Sun. evening Sue was on the couch with Abbey next to her and Duckie on her lap.

Duckie loves people but doesn't like strange dogs to get close - she growls. She has no trouble going up and down the stairs (well, she did slip on the slick wooden stairs once), and she likes to sneak out the door. She can move surprisingly fast when she sees a squirrel.”

Duckie doesn’t sneak out the door to run away – she really wants to see what’s going on outside, if there are any nice people to meet, and if there might be a squirrel to chase. Since Duckie had some challenges guarding food when she first came to me, I have been feeding her in her crate. She has this funny habit of trying to “bury” her food before she eats it. Because she is so people-focused, she sometimes knocks the whole bowl over in distraction if I went upstairs or she didn’t know where I was.

She also makes me laugh when she takes one of the big, heavy bones, drags it out of their toy basket into another room, and manages to flip it in the air. She will sneak into your heart as fast as she tries to sneak out the door.

We had our first trip to the dog park yesterday, and I was so proud of Duckie. She did wonderfully - she ran around with her ears flapping and handled the small ups and downs of the park really well on three legs. She is very much a people-dog, as she showed the woman she ran up to and laid down in front of. Considering some of her past challenging interactions around other dogs, she did very well managing the dogs at the park. She is also doing well with sitting and trying to contain herself before she gets a treat. I think we should have named her Lucky (considering everything she's been through) or Hop-a-Long. She has so much fun running around.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Update From My Foster Home

"Tammy has this innate ability to warm your heart - you can't help but be in awe of what this little girl has been through and how she still hops around with such a positive, bubbly attitude. When someone new meets her, I wait for the inevitable "awwwww" that comes out of their mouth.

When she greets you, she runs up to you to say hi with her ears flopping and tail wagging and then immediately rolls over to beg for a scratch or a pet. With the warmer weather, she has been exploring outside and hopping around the backyard. She loves food, chews, and attention. Now all the dogs in my house have gotten through their adjustments, Tammy can take her treat after everyone else get theirs - that is if she can contain her excitement about getting a treat!

Please contact IBR to find out more about adopting this honey of a dog."