Tuesday, July 7, 2009

June Update From My Foster Home

The pictures below come from an outting that Madison, WI holds every year. Duckie took to it as with great vigor. This is what her foster home has to say about the event and Duckie.

These pictures were taken at Dog Fest. Duckie got to be in the adoptable dog parade, and it was so exciting. She did so great! She loved seeing all of the people at Dog Fest and she stole their hearts, too. It was the first hot day of the summer and a long weekend, so she was very tired (and a little cranky) at the end.

Meet Duckie. She is an absolute cutie who adores people. She is one tough cookie who has faced her multiple health issues with courage and heart. Duckie is a fighter who has overcome losing one leg, heartworm, tapeworm, exposure to three tick bourne illnesses and still has at least one surgery ahead of her. She is named after Tammy Duckworth, an Iraq veteran, and we think she has embodied the tough, determined, and courageous attitude of her namesake.

But don’t feel bad for her because nothing stops this little girl from doing or getting what she wants. Duckie has an amazingly positive attitude that wins over anyone who meets her. She’ll wiggle and charm her way into your heart with an undeniably lovable personality and a tail that never stops wagging.

Beyond Dog Fest, Duckie is enjoying the summer. We are learning that the hot summer days and exercise can tire her out pretty fast. She loves to sit in my landscaping while I cut the grass or weed the garden. She has a little bad habit of nesting in the dirt and sometimes comes in the house looking sheepish - but happy! - with a dirt-covered muzzle."