Monday, February 16, 2009

A true fighter for life. Tammy has survived the worse of conditions. Now all she asks for is a chance at a normal life. Not to be treated differently nor felt sorry for, but to be part of a family that feels the need to have a companion in their lives. Someone to cuddle with them, to listen to them, and to love them unconditionally. Tammy will do all of this, 3 legs or not. She is a complete special trooper that deserves the highest honor of heroism, Your Love!She has been at her foster home, who is the sponsor for her HW treatment for 1 week. She does great in the house, is a snuggle bug, loves to sleep in bed with you and has only had 2 accidents, both times she was left alone from about 6am to 3 or 4 in the afternoon. She gets around great. Her companions are 8 other dogs and cats. Tammy pays no mind to the cats and does fine with the dogs unless they get to bouncy up next to her and then all she does is give them the under her breath growl. She is a Velcro dog at the moment, where ever you go, there she is and she said she loves men, she follows her foster dad everywhere
She has been at a lower kill shelter for quite some time with no prospects of getting out. I am told she is 6-7 years old. She has been vetted and was found to be HW+, however she is currently receiving treatment. This 'lil gal was a stray who had an old, serious leg injury that was never treated so she had to have one of her hind legs amputated. It has healed nicely and she gets around fine.
Tammy shares her name from another real trooper. To read more about her namesake Tammy Duckworth just click on her name.


Amanda said...

I volunteer at the original shelter Tammy came from. Thank you guys for taking her in, she is very special to us!!