Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I'm a Cheese Head! for now

Well, temporarily at least. I came from MO through KS,IA,IL and ended up in WI last Sunday. It sure was a long trip, but so worth it. I'm at a foster home that is really making sure I feel like I'm home. My mom has this to say about me after just 2 days. "She is such a sweet dog. All she wants to do is be wherever you are. She'll follow me from room to room, lays down next to me, and falls asleep. I think of her as a little fighter - the street and life tried to take their toll on her (between losing the leg and her teeth being worn down), but she keeps getting up wagging her tail and just wanting to be loved and petted. She would be great with someone who is interested in a lower energy dog and is willing to love her, and just keep her company." Could that someone be you?